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Jakub Vencl rocks Barcelona 2014

Winter in Czech Republic usually is not too friendly to dirtjumpers with low temperatures and plenty of snow, so I decided to move close to Barcelona which became some kind of a Mecca in the past few years.

Jakub Vencl – Portrait

Jakub Vencl is the most successful dirtbiker of the ROSE team and among the best riders in the world. Currently, he is one of the frontrunners of the FMB World Tour rankings. In our video, Jakub talks about his plans for the future.

Spectrum – Czech MTB Movie

Spectrum is a Czech mountain bike film, where ROSE rider Jakub Vencl is on the road through the Czech Republic with fellow countrymen and like-minded people. Fullface Productions and Illegal Productions have pulled together an incomparable high-end work.

BIKE Festival Riva 2013-King of Dirt

In front of around 5,000 enthusiastic spectators at the Area Cattoi, the expert jury decided who had qualified for the last eight after the first two rounds. Thomas Genon could secure victory. Amir Kabbani was second ahead of Patrick Leitner. ROSE rider Jakub Vencl got sixth place.

FMB World Tour – Scott on Air 2013

Thomas Zejda won the Scott in Air-Contest at the Bikes and Beats festival in Saalbach-Hinterglemm. Thomas Genon was second at the FMB Silver event, ROSE rider Jakub Vencl took third place.

Jakub Vencl – 10 Tricks

The most successful slopestyler of the ROSE family shows you his top 10 tricks. In fact, “10 tricks” films are usually known in the skateboarding scene. Jakub and Štěpán Romanov from Fullface Productions have applied this to dirtbiking.

Jakub Vencl – Spain 2012

In winter, freestyler Jakub Vencl of the ROSE family was in Spain for a few days to train in the sun and at 20 degrees Celsius. The video was recorded in the bike park La Poma (around 15 minutes by car from Barcelona).